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How should I deliver my files?

Please deliver your final mixes in .WAV format with peaks not exceeding -3.0 dB. Please use minimal compression and limiting on the master bus if you are doing any creative 2-mix processing.

You can digitally send us your files online through Dropbox or Filepass. 

Please label your file(s) as follows: Track_#_Song_Name_Album_Name (Example: 1_Come_Together_Abbey_Road, 2_Something_Abbey_Road, etc.)

If you have any special instructions or extra metadata that you wish to include, please provide that information in an organized text file (example Word.doc, etc.). 

What is your turnaround time?

Due to our volume we ask that you please allow 2-3 days from the time you deliver your files to when you can expect to receive your master references. If we notice any issues during our initial QC check we will contact you immediately to discuss how they can be resolved.

How long does it take to master a project?

A full-length album will usually take an entire day to master. An EP will take about a half-day, and a single will take a couple of hours. 

What is your revision policy?

We guarantee our work and aim to satisfy our customers. We know this is art and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your masters. That being stated, we allow up to 3 revisions per mastered song. If for whatever reason you need further revisions then we can discuss your concerns and next steps.

What are ISRC codes and can you embed them?

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. It is a unique identifier (a digital fingerprint) that is embedded into your audio file or music video.

We can embed ISRC codes if you provide them to us in advance. However, we recommend that you let your digital distributor (TuneCore, CD Baby, Symphonic, etc.) do this on their end. Most digital distributors will not charge you for ISRC codes.

Do you master instrumental versions of a song?

Yes we do. As long as the song is identical to the original mix (arrangement, level, etc.) we will master that instrumental version for free in the same session.  However, if you need an instrumental mastered at a later date, then that instrumental will be billed at a small fee due to session setup and file management costs.

What if I have alternative mixes?

If you have alternative versions of the same song (example. Radio version, TV version, vocal up version) then those mixes ‘may’ need to be treated as separate songs depending on their variance. We will not bill full price for these alternative versions if the mixes are fairly close in sound and arrangement, and if they’re scheduled in the same session.

However, remixes will be treated as a completely separate song since they are intended to be sonically different and may require very different processing.

Do you offer mixing services?

Yes we do for select clients. If you are in need of mixing services please let us know and we will be in touch to discuss your project.